The Incredible Rock Intensity of Deletto’s debut, OldKID

I don’t get to do as many rock album reviews as I would like to these days, so this has been a real treat. Deletto is an incredible rock project based out of Northern New Jersey and their debut album, OldKID, was just dropped on January 24th.

It’s incredible.

New Jersey breeds a whole lot of amazing things. I should know, as this is my home. Naturally if I get the opportunity to talk about music that was organically grown here in our amazing corner of the world, I am freaking delighted. This is not your ordinary band though, as Deletto is comprised of just two people. You would have no idea if you simply picked up the album and gave it a listen. The sound is enormous and the vibe exploding from within the music is incredibly powerful. The marriage of guitar and drums on every song displays a unique intensity that is very much their own. Founder Chris D’Eletto is behind the passionate vocals, the celestial guitar work, and the haunting keys. Kito Bovenschulte (Particle/PEAK) is behind the dynamic and potent drumming. These two gentlemen have created a powerhouse of sound, and you need to be listening. I don’t see this stopping any time soon.

This album in general is intense and loaded with potency. The opening track on the album, “Runaway”, opens into a haunting walk with Chris’s melodic vocal as the song builds. It’s a sensation of being guided, and I love that feel. Then Kito’s intense drums crash in and seem to kick the door wide open. The song packs a lot of emotion into only 2:51, and that’s impressive. Lyrically, it cracked me right in the head. It’s funny how the universe will find songs that speak to you and throw them at you when you least expect it. There is a delicate understanding here layered beneath the music, and it’s a great way to open the listener to what this record is going to do. 

Where the Wild Sleep” is incredibly captivating  immediately. It’s got every element of a fantastic rock song but turns the volume way the hell up on everything. The vocal is incredible and gripping, and the more I listened to this record, the more that became one of my favorite aspects of it. If you read this blog regularly, you know I am a bit of a vocal junkie. Deletto feeds that in a huge way, especially the way the vocals are layered on a track like this one. There is softness, there is intensity. It’s a dance between the two, and it’s deliciously compelling. I love the rise and fall this song takes the listener on. And again, the drums – powerful and intensely precise.

Speaking of vocals, hop on over to “Violence Defines Her” and find Chris’s stellar chops over what begins as a very controlled guitar vibe. Give the song just a few seconds though, as those gorgeous vocals will open up with soaring emotion that carries the song as it climbs with intensity before exploding with Kito’s incredible ferocity. I love everything about this song. The emotion behind this song, and every song on this record, is so raw that it’s almost anxious at times. It makes for a wonderful listening experience. It’s gripping. It has gripped the hell out of me and I’m not letting go.

Somebody Else” is another example of that vivid and impassioned voice married with the steady, intensive beat. The guitar work is incredible on this song as it lends to the passionate vibe as the song carries you through. This honestly might be my favorite song on the record for that trifecta of intensity and the way the song rises and falls with that guidance. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but move with. The drums on this song deserve special mention for that wonderful controlled energy. I can’t believe this whole thing is just two people. 

Chris D’Eletto

Honestly, I could very easily sit here and describe every song on this album, but you need to hear it. These are songs written to be felt.

I have nothing but praise for this record. There are plenty of albums I have listened to intensely for a week for purposes of review and rarely picked up again. This is not going to be one of those. I am a fan. The music is incredibly well written, the album fantastically recorded and produced, and it’s honestly been a while since I heard something that captivated me as hard as OldKID has. If you have not given this a listen yet, I suggest it strongly. I also suggest getting out to Debonaire Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ on Friday March 6th for the official album release show and see this incredible project blow the doors off. You can get the details in the link below.:

Also check out Deletto on Facebook to keep up with the goings-on!

Don’t take my word for it. OldKID is streaming everywhere – go listen…

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