The NPC’s Are Shining a Bright Light in Dark Times with Their Version of “Superman”

Times have been dark and confusing for a while. COVID-19 has ransacked life as we know it and those of us in various music communities feel it as hard as anyone. Venues are shuttered. Tours are cancelled. Studios are closed. Musicians, producers, crew, photographers and journalists, fans and everyone who calls “music” home are stuck secluded from everything we know about the sanity and insanity that was our lives. Things have been lonely and quiet and frankly very depressing.

Sometime at the beginning of the pandemic shut down, the band Goldfinger re-recorded a few of these more recognizable songs from their homes. They put them out as videos and I shared most of them with glee as they were a wonderful piece of nostalgia for my cranky old Gen-X ass, but they were also a glimpse of the normal that we so desperately needed. They showed that people were ok at home and still wanting to make music. People we knew. People we loved. I admit I also had a total voyeur thing with seeing people’s homes, but it was a comfort to see that we were ok. Lots of bands started putting out videos like this around that time. Musicians from home still making music. It was hope!

Time has dragged on and there have been fewer and fewer of these types of videos popping up. Some folks have gone back to work at their day jobs. Some people have started to slowly venture back out into the world like mole people in the bright sun as things slowly reopened. We are still so far from normal though. There are still no tours, still only very small shows, if any, in most cities. Some venues have closed for good. Most places are not allowing large gatherings and those that do are questionably safe as the pandemic still rages on through America. I miss shows and live music because that is where my friends are. It’s where my blog is. It’s where I feel most alive. I like to say I don’t much like people but the truth is that I like my music people and I miss the ever loving shit out of them.

So what do we do now?

I can’t speak for many these days, but I can say that The NPC’s had a great idea and it’s one of the most invigorating things I have had the pleasure of seeing since this madness took over our world. You might not know who the NPC’s are. You can hop on over to their Facebook page and give them a look at and see their origins. What began with a desire to put together a cover song has turned into a movement to keep music alive. To put it simply, it’s a collective of musicians who work together from afar to do random covers. Artists who might not be in the same time zone as one another but who love the idea of collaborating on songs they love. In times like these when we can’t just meet up at our local practice spot and put something together, this group has tapped into something incredible. Several of my friends from the punk and ska world have been there for a bit. I had no idea what was brewing over there.

Now I am not shy about telling the world I am almost 42 years old. It might explain some of my tastes. It’s also going to make it make a little more sense when I tell you that when the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater came out, I played it all freaking day. We all did. We would play it in groups. We would play it alone. We would sit on the phone with friends and play it. The soundtrack was our soundtrack in the rest of our lives so that just made it better. When they announced that it was coming back, we were all singing along already. The NPC was no different and when Goldfinger’s Superman was mentioned, it didn’t take long for 56 musicians to want to be involved. Yes, 56 musicians. Horn players alone make up 25 of them. They come from all over the country. They are in their kitchens, basements, home studios, backyards, skateparks, their lives. Try not to feel the joy. Try to ignore the smile you will get watching and listening. I dare you…

It hit the interwebs on Friday and everyone, including Goldfinger themselves, have been sharing it like crazy and feeling the warmth of love, ska, skateboarding, and nostalgia flow through them. I am incredibly proud to promote it here on A Perfect Mess. I’m proud to call many of the participants my friends and the NPC a glimmer of hope in a dark world to remind us how sunny the world actually is.

So watch, listen, and feel the goodness…

Many thanks to all who took part!