Moon Hooch Is Making You Move with Life On Other Planets

It’s hard enough for a three piece to capture a big sound, but imagine a three piece comprised of horns and percussion alone that has an ENORMOUS sound. That’s Moon Hooch. This Brooklyn trio has gone from subway platforms to festival stages, from supporting act to headliner over the last bunch of years, bringing us all along on the journey with them. They create a masterful sound that combines everything great about dance and jazz music into this expertly woven blanket of awesome and I cannot get enough of them. I feel kind of foolish that it has taken me this long to delve into their sound, as I have caught and enjoyed them at Northeast festivals for a few years. I just happened to see that they played in New York last night, and it was like a cosmic kick in the ass. Why have I not explored this incredible band yet?

Well, there is no time like the present I guess – right? These three gents are back for the new year with a fantastic journey through sound on a new record called Life On Other Planets.  When I saw that they had a new album out in the world, I thought it a great time to listen hard and ride this sound for all it was worth. I have to say, I am enjoying the hell out of myself. I’m floored. There is so much twisted beauty and deep energy in this record. The songs have jagged edges and constant twists and turns, leaving a listener stuck in an endlessly freeing and ever changing dance. It’s delicious and exciting and I have no idea why I was so late to this party.

Take the track Candlelight, for example. It kicks in with a great dance beat, layered with pulsing horns. I’m finding myself dancing in my chair and wishing I was in a club watching this live so my body could move the way the music is making it want to. Self control is not my strong point! I don’t know how anyone listens to this and sits still. Beyond that, these guys are simply stellar players. I am also really into the song This Is Water with its soaring into horns and building percussion, leading into a dirty get down that travels through a maze inside my head. Suddenly those horns get deep and sexy in their groove before climbing back into that dance chaos. It’s so incredibly cool. There is so much like that through the record. Every song is a different exploration, but every song makes you want to get up and MOVE.

There is something so tasty in the groove that this band brings forth. It’s not typical. It’s full of ups and down, backs and forths, twirls that go deep into the earth before soaring into the atmosphere. Check out the track Too Much Hooch too – loaded with wonderful chaotic horn blasts between smooth sensual climbs and falls before it descends back into the dance crazy energy. I wasn’t aware three guys with horns and drums could create such an enormous sound. I never really knew I could get as into a record so free of vocal, but these guys make me want to move. I have only been able to catch them on festivals with a shorter set, so I can only imagine the energy of a hot club and a headlining spot. I’m incredibly intrigued and I want more. Moon Hooch has dates posted through February all over the place in the US before hopping over to Europe in March, so get out and catch them in support of this fantastic new record, Life On Other Planets. I recommend it highly! You can check out the band on their website for album information and tour dates at

See you out there!

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