Digging Hard on a New Track from Inner Sounds with Agustina Giovio – “The One”

Quarantine is weird, man.

My blogs don’t flow like they once did. Music just isn’t feeling all that exciting from the confines of my couch. I know I am battling many of the same internal demons that so many of you are while being isolated. I have been badly in need of something delicious to reignite me. And then something fell into my lap about a week ago when a friend tossed me an email…

I love reviewing singles. It’s like tasting wine that you can’t yet buy a full bottle of. I get these small tastes of new sounds and it creates a craving for something I didn’t yet know I even wanted. That is how it was hearing this fantastic new track from Inner Sounds, featuring Agustina Giovo called “The One”. Before last week, this was a project that was nowhere on my radar. Today, I am sitting here absolutely chomping at the bit for more from these folks. This track is a perfect blending of throwback feel and new flavor. It’s fresh and creative while still pulling bits of familiar styles that, despite sounding like something you might know, sound brand new. It’s been a while since I heard something that felt this exciting, but I am incredibly intrigued. So here we go!

Inner Sounds is comprised of Chris Aguayo and Zac Carson. They put our their debut record, a psych-rock and electronic blend, back in January 2019 with a follow up track in May of last year. Carson released his own album, “Between Two Worlds”, in 2018. The two developed the music portion of the track “The One” at their studio in Jersey City, NJ. They then welcomed the gorgeous vocal talents of Uruguayan singer/songwriter Agustina Giovio to inject her incredible abilities into the song. Giovio came to to the states by herself as a teen and is known as an incredible songwriter and vocal talent, having been featured on MTV, Telemundo, and others. Her voice is hypnotic and magical, but don’t take my word for it…

The song is sung as a beautiful duet between Aguayo and Giovio that blends styles and feels and creates an incredible vibe that permeates every part of your soul. This song struck me somewhere deep. It’s emotional and those soulful vocals absolutely soar. Giovio is an extraordinary vocalist. The beat of the song is steady like a heartbeat that runs through the track with the energy of a power line. Lyrically, it tugs your heart with a deep and resonating desperation that you can just about taste – and you want to. You will feel it and want to know the story. Vocally it’s laid out in such a way that by the second listen, you want so badly to be singing along whether or not you know the words. I was! I sincerely want so much more from this trio. This song made me feel so many things – deep.

It’s exciting!

Some bits and pieces on this track – this was Aguayo’s first time rapping on a released track. He also produced and mixed the song, which was co-produced by Carson and Giovio. The song was mastered by Grammy winner Mark Christensen who has worked with some small time folks…you know, The Killers, Tony Braxton, OK Go. So obviously it’s fantastic. The song was completed in February 2020 before this Covid-19 madness took us over and sent us inside. It’s been rough on musicians and performers, especially those with music just waiting to be heard. I am thrilled that they went ahead and put this gem out there for everyone to enjoy. This is a song that needs to be heard. According to the song’s bio, there is another pending Inner Sounds release out there. I genuinely can’t wait!

The song was released on April 21 and you can actually check out a really cool video to accompany it right here on the Inner Sounds Facebook page:

Inner Sounds & Agustina Giovio "The One" (Official Lyric Video)

"The One"By Inner Sounds & Agustina GiovioMusic & lyrics by Chris Aguayo, Zac Carson, & Agustina GiovioProduced by Chris Aguayo, Zac Carson, & Agustina GiovioMixed by Chris Aguayo at Inner Sounds Music Studio in Jersey City, NJMastered by Mark Christensen at Engine Room Audio NYC (50 Cent, OK Go, The Killers, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, Tony Braxton, Trey Songz)On recording:Agustina Giovio – lead vocalsChris Aguayo – vocals/guitar/synthZac Carson – bass/keyboardLyric video by mi_palashSpotify/Apple Music artwork by Tom SchmittSpecial Thanks to News 12, WFMZ, Underground Music Collective, Zack Seif, Museboat Live Channel, and Influence Music Hall for press support & pre-release partieshttps://undergroundmusiccollective.com/2020/04/21/the-quinns-daily-spinn-tuesday-april-21/

Posted by Inner Sounds on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Check it out and let me know what you think! Absolutely follow that Facebook page!

You can check out whats going on with Inner Sounds and Agustina Giovo on Instagram at



Or check out www.chrisaguayo.com for more!

See you out there as soon as it’s safe, friends! Stay inside, save trees, love bees…stay healthy!

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