And just who do you think you are, anyway…

My name is Amanda.

I dig music.

I’m a mom, a wife, a writer, and a music junkie living life the best I can in Northern New Jersey. I was brought up by parents who love music and the way it could narrate your whole world. Music was a constant in my childhood home. We watched the Woodstock movie as a family. Music was bred into me to the sounds of Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, the Dead, the Who, Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, David Bowie, the Cars, the Kinks, Bill Joel, Benny Goodman, Steve Goodman, and a TON of Bruce Springstein. As I came into my own as a teenage, I discovered Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, Rancid, The Slackers, a ton of heavy metal, Ministry, and Nine Inch Nails. As I grew into an adult, I found Jeff Buckley and my world turned upside down.

For a time, I hosted a show on Pocono Internet Broadcasting Company’s radio station (PIBCO) out of Stroudsburg, PA. Every week I drove myself across the Delaware to sit for two hours and play my favorite alt rock, ska, punk, and strange songs for whoever might listen. That show was called A Perfect Mess. A year in, I started this blog to talk about music I was discovering. After the station closed, I started to podcast and went full format change to ska, reggae, and rocksteady. It was where I really felt at home. The shows were full of friends, unity, and some wonderful musicians. I kept up the album reviews, the show reviews, and found myself a nice little name.

Then I met my husband.

My dear Deadhead, funk and jam band bassist husband Eric. He opened the door I had walked past for so many years without even a hint of curiosity to what was on the other side. Boy, was I missing out on a good damn time.

He opened me up to the jam scene.

It was nothing like I thought it was.

Over the last 7 years, I have come to find some of the most incredible musicians, wonderful friends, and amazing music behind that door – and I have found myself keeping all the doors open. I hate to think I might miss something because of “scenes” or because of “genres”. Music is just good. There is something for everyone, and it can set you free. It cures. It calms. It heals. It’s just a damn good time.

So here I am. I want to keep discovering music and sharing it with everyone. There is so much out there. I want to hear it! I want to dance to it. I want it to tell me it’s stories. I want to write about it.

Lets find it!

See you out there, friends!

Phish at MSG – 2018
My son and I with Jimmy G from Murphy’s Law. My son is way cooler than I am. In fact, my son is way cooler than every guy on this planet. If you met him, you already know.
If you recognize my name, I have occasionally contributed album and festival reviews for The Jamwich!
My daughter. She is my mini-me in every possible way. That means I am in deep trouble, and so is the world when she grows up and conquers it. Watch out, world!
My husband, Eric. Often my assistant on assignment. His band, Crow’s Wine, is also pretty stellar. You won’t ever see me write about them though because that’s not cool. But Eric is. Here, as we wait to enter a festival, he is wearing a shirt that says, “A PERFECT MESS THINKS YOU’RE AWESOME”. Because he is also.
More Phred.
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