About A Perfect Mess

What is A Perfect Mess?

A Perfect Mess is an editorial blog focused in the jam, reggae, indie, funk, and folk scenes. Music is life, and that is what we celebrate with A Perfect Mess – if it’s good, I want to share it!

I started this blog over 8 years ago as a way to share the music I was discovering with people who were looking for something new. While it might not be new to me or you, it’s new to someone, and I want them to hear it. It’s been a virtual diary of my musical mind opening up, a way for me to take my readers on the journey with me. I went from small indie album reviews to large festivals and interviews, always pushing a positive vibe and sharing as much of the excitement that comes from music as I can.

Album reviews, interviews, shows and festivals – A Perfect Mess is there!

Share the music, share the vibe!

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