Dopapod Strives to Make a Difference with “November”

The jam scene is overflowing with artists and fans who want you to help them change the world. There is no shortage of folks who are ready and willing to tell you how we as humans are ruining everything with what we eat, how we commute, where our clothes come from and how we live. There are not nearly as many though who are out there putting their skills where their mouth is to make a real, genuine difference for the world. Dopapod is one of those artists willing to put up or shut up, and if I didn’t have incredible amounts of respect for them before, I sure as hell do now. They have a plan, and you can help.

The band has released a fantastic new track called November. It’s currently streaming now on the very Dopapod date of 11/11, but it’s not just here to tickle our ears with amazingness. It’s here to give us the opportunity to put up or shut up ourselves. We are going to plant some trees, friends. First, we are going to dance it out to the sweet synth magic, killer drum sounds, grooving bass lines, and soaring guitar of this incredible track. It reminds me of a lot of the vibe that came out of MEGAGEM, with a bit of that orchestral jam and hard hitting vibe. It’s a really fantastic track, recorded at the same time in Blackhawk, CO. The song is amazing, but the words hit harder than anything. ” The smoke has burned a hole, through the walls that kept us cold. We fell asleep with fire in hand, we need a different plan.” That’s it right there. 

The song is inspired by the climate crisis we are facing as humans on Mother Earth. She’s ill, and we are responsible for her cure. To quote drummer Neal “Fro” Evans on his Facebook post promoting the track, “She is our home, and we are all behind on rent.” Truth. We have been taking a lot and giving back little to help replenish her, and it’s time for that to change. The band is donating 100% of all profits from this song to the organization “Trees, Water, and People”, a non-profit that plants trees in North and South America. (read more about them at

The band is streaming this song on Spotify and all other platforms so you can hear it and love it, but if you head over to their bandcamp page, you can donate to make a difference. It won’t take much. Every dollar donated is one tree planted. That’s a pretty easy way to make a change. So dig down in those couch cushions, clean out the cup holder in your car, shake the change from the bottom of your purse, and buy some trees. Just buy one tree if it’s all you can afford. That beautiful tree will make oxygen for us all to enjoy.

Head on over to

Plant some trees.

Let’s do our part. 

I like breathing, and I bet you do too. 
Love your mother, friends.

Feeling The Fire with Aqueous – Burn It Down

I remember my first discovery of Aqueous about four years ago. I was just starting to feel them on my radar as I was delving into the scene. I loved the dance and funk fueled rock jams they were throwing out there, and I loved that they were so fresh in their sound. I got to see them open for Twiddle in Stroudsburg, PA at the Sherman when I wasn’t totally familiar with their catalog yet and danced my ass off. The following summer was my first really getting into festivals and they were just EVERYWHERE. Every lineup that dropped that spring had them on it. They seemed to be on so many things at once that I was wondering how the heck they were pulling it off. Teleporting? Holograms? We were able to catch them several times that summer. I thought at that time that these guys must be the hardest working band in the jam scene. I know now that I was right, and that it has paid off.

As a band, these are some of the most polished and dedicated players doing it out there right now. They pour themselves intro their craft – heart, soul and body – so completely. You can hear it in every lick and beat they put out into the universe. As people, they are some of the nicest that I ever had the chance to have a mildly intoxicated, taco-gifting tent interview with at a festival. That kind where it’s too loud to hear much of anything said in response to your questions, so you spend as much time as you can just making sure the band knows they are making people happy with their music. Because they truly are. Their last full length record, Color Wheel, blew my mind more than a little bit and remains one of the best albums that came out of 2018, in my opinion. I was delighted to learn they were dropping an EP, and curious as to what it would give us. 

The record, Burn It Down, is a funky four track trip through rock, dance, and jam flavor and it’s dropping with a fresh style and just a touch of delicious throwback. Come and Go” is absolutely my favorite song on the record. It’s got a clean and steady drum beat with fantastic vocals and guitar fire, lit up over a hot bass line. This is a constant hip shake track with singable vocals and I am completely unable to sit still listening to it. It’s got an almost Duran Duran thing happening in the vocal. The band caught such a cool vibe when they wrote this song and it holds strong from start to finish. I really want to check this out live! The title track, “Burn It Down”, is a straight dance rock hop with those awesome vocal harmonies and hip shaking bass and drum groove. The guitar work is straight fire on this track and you won’t be able to help but sing along. This song is amazing and makes you MOVE!

“Little Something To Me” is a slick trip of a track that grabs you with those harmonies and holds you with that sexy groove. This song has something really cool with its stepping drum beat and dirty rock guitar flavor. The final track, On The Edge”, reminds me of pop rock in the late 90’s and listening to it just shot me back to my early 20’s. I love that about music. Some artists are so good at capturing a groove or a vibe and injecting it into the new music they are writing so that their listener is jolted to another time and space in their soul. Aqueous has gotten really good at this. I don’t think most bands can pack this much flavor and punch into a 14 minute, four song EP – but Aqueous did it. Burn It Down is straight fire.

You can catch Aqueous playing with Twiddle at The Capitol Theater on November 29th and 30th. These two bands put on an incredible show and we really hope to be there. Mostly, I am really wanting to hear these new songs live. Aqueous remains one of the best live bands I have ever had the pleasure of rocking out to, and I can’t say enough that you should be checking them out! Give your ears a taste of Burn It Down as soon as humanly possible. You need this in your life.

You can stay on top of all things Aqueous on their website,

See you out there, friends!