Enjoy Some Delicious New Grooves with The Breakfast – Phantasmagoria

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I like more right now than Breakfast. More specifically, The Breakfast.

The Breakfast started way back in 1998 in East Haven, CT originally as The Psychedelic Breakfast, a play on the Pink Floyd song Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast. They released their first album in 1999. There have been some lineup changes here and there, but the one thing that has always remained consistent when someone talks about the band is how freaking GOOD they are. The Breakfast is comprised of some of the most intensely talented players within and well outside the jam scene. Tim Palmieri, best known for his incredible work with Kung Fu and Z3, is on guitar. Adrian Tramontano, also of Kung Fu as well as about a million other projects and instruments because he’s that good, is on drums. Chris DeAngelis, also of Kung Fu as well as his solo project LoEndFreque , is on bass. Jordan Giangreco, who has played all over as well including in Viral Sound, is on keys. Everyone does vocals on this record. Everyone, and the vocals are amazing. This is a legendary band full of far above average players. It’s been a while since we had new music though, their last release being a self titled release from 2008.

Well, guess what? The Breakfast put out something new and amazing for 2019 called Phantasmagoria, and believe me when I tell you that you need this record in your life.

There is this insanely diverse variety of tastes and sounds comprising the songs on this album, all of which take you in a different direction while sticking to the same excellence that we fully expect from these guys. This album is like a really good buffet. Every song gives the listener the opportunity to sample a different flavor. You don’t have to settle into anything though because the next plate you come to is another sound, another direction, but still the same outstanding writing quality and playing. There are options you didn’t even know you wanted! You can play the album through and taste it all, or easily get stuck on any one of the individual tracks and stay there a while. You can do both. Either way, you walk away satisfied.

The first track, Metropolis, has a heavy hitting but still jam tasty sound. The vocals are straight rock with intense backup harmonies laid over grooves reminiscent of late 70’s funk rock. The solos, and they be many, take you to another world each time they start. Palmieri’s incredible chops show brightly here on guitar with that effortless intensity he is so damn good at. The drums, as usual with anything Adrian touches, are above and beyond normal. He’s one of those drummers that you see play and you stop dead in your tracks just to watch because it’s just not normal to be that good. The bass is other worldly as well. One of the things I like best about Chris DeAngelis and the way he approaches the instrument is that he can make it make sounds that I didn’t know a bass could. There are lots of people out there playing bass. There are few that make it sound like Chris does.

The next track, Shotgun Butterfly, takes a whole new direction from where you were. It’s got a bluesy cool in the vocal and groove. The sound is just enough heavy rock, just enough dirty, but still brings that funk undertone. The keys are cool and laced through the song, brightening up while the bass takes it darker. It’s a cool contrast that adds to that hip swinging cool thing that the song has. Right about the 2:45 mark, the song breaks down into solos that will melt a little bit of your brain. The record then skips over to the track Rush which goes is a completely different direction from the last two songs. This song sounds like someone threw a couple ska punk bands in a blender with Frank Zappa and gave everyone a lot of coffee. The song then goes from a skanking upbeat dance party to a thoughtful, intense and a little bit spacey jam. It’s three different directions in the first three songs. But wait, there’s more!

Another track to check out is Rust, a rock track with a great chugging groove and great vocal. The bass in this song is crazy good and the keys are otherworldly. Jordan Giangreco does this thing with piano in this song where the keys trickle and travel along. You can almost see the notes dotting an imaginary line in your mind that dips and ducks like a rollercoaster. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this song. Another great thing is how everything gathers in this song. All the components and pieces come together and create this incredible collage in your mind as you listen. The Breakfast are just not like other bands. They are not one trick pony songwriters. They don’t put sounds together like other people. This is a mashup of players who look at music like the language it is and they sing it as many ways as they can. You can just sit and listen to each song and dig into one aspect of the track. Then you can start the same song over and dig into a completely different aspect of the track. Each song is a multifaceted work of art that wants you to shake your tush. This record is really freaking great.

Don’t take my word for it, as I am simply your guide on this journey! Get yourself a copy and give it a good, hard listen. You won’t be the same. You can get your listen to Phantasmagoria from The Breakfast right on Spotify, or purchase your copy on their Facebook spot. Better yet, catch them doing their thing live all over the damn place this festival season! They will be hitting Branch Fest 2019  at the end of May and were just announced as part of this year’s Disc Jam 2019 lineup, thanks to intense voting by fans! Get out there and get some Breakfast!

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Gearing up for Disc Jam 2019 with Escaper! – UPDATED WITH DAILY LINEUP!

It’s another year, another festival season, and we at A Perfect Mess are gearing up for Disc Jam! Three years ago, Eric and I made our way up to our first Disc Jam and found not only some incredible new artist experiences, but we found new friends and a favorite place to land every summer. The great layout and seamless stage transitions showed us what could be done with the right components in place, and we look forward to this festival now every single year. Our last two Disc Jam experiences have been simply epic for us and we are so excited to see what is in store for us come June 2019 in Stephentown.

The lineup dropped in three parts this year, bringing us some exciting new acts as well as returning champions that we can’t wait to enjoy. Favorites like Kung Fu, Aqueous, Consider the Source, and Lotus are back this year, including the return of the very missed and much anticipated DOPAPOD! (did you hear me scream that? Because I totally did…) Mihali will be there sans Twiddle to wow everyone with his solo efforts, and being a fan – I’m super excited for that. The Floozies are headlining, The Breakfast will be there (holy cow!), Ghost Light is back, The Elovators are coming to give everyone a grooving good time, Funky Dawgs Brass Band is back and they are SO good, the super fun Muscle Tough are coming out, Catullus, Cypher, and I can seriously go on and on like this. There will be nightly takeovers with Rezinate X Sermon, powered by Hennessey Sound with artists like Face Plant, Mindset, Detox Unit, The Widdler, and a ton more. This year’s late night silent disco is sure to get everyone moving in the moonlight as well with Backpack, Smokestax, Jack the Human, and Dice Man, just to name a few. The lineup this year is nothing short of stacked. I mean, just look!

I even heard our favorite food vendors, Bees and Thank You, will be back with their INSANELY DELICIOUS grilled cheese spot again (and it helps the bees!) And then there is the DISC GOLF! Disc Jam has a 9 hole wooded course. The festival will have both a Singles and Doubles tournament. There are prize pack for everyone who signs up for the tournament. But maybe you’re brand new to the sport (like me) and don’t want to hop into the tournament and get in everyone’s way. You don’t have to! All attendees are free to play, so why not try it out? You might find your favorite new pass time in all this music awesomeness!

So the only question is…why don’t you have tickets yet?

One of our favorite returning artists to Disc Jam 2019 is Brooklyn’s own ESCAPER, who will be taking the stage on Sunday. These guys might just be 2019’s hardest working band in the scene! It seems like every festival lineup that drops has their name on it, in addition to their already bustling schedule playing up and down the east coast. I have genuinely enjoyed watching the Escaper wave start to take over this last year or so as these guys are genuine in their efforts and just incredible in their sound. Their blend of spacey funk rock and cool stage presence makes for a really fun performance. Don’t take my word for it though, you can check out packed rooms all over the tri-state area with folks coming out to see what they have going on. Their last release, Edge Detection (you can read my review of that record HERE) was recorded with all band members playing simultaneously, but in isolated spaces, creating a polished yet still very organic flow in their sound. They take this to other realms in their live performances, and we are super excited to see what they bring out at Disc Jam. Plus they are some of the nicest guys in the scene, agreeing to answer some questions for me about the upcoming Disc Jam festival! Thanks to guitarist Will Hanza and bassist Jay Giacomazzo for taking the time to let us know what’s going on, and what’s coming our way with them this June in Stephentown :

APM: This will be your return trip to Disc Jam for 2019. What is it that you love the most about the festival?

E: We are excited to return to DJ for the second year in a row! So many great bands on this line-up, it’s an honor to be part of it all. “Disc Jam Fam” is a real thing and the people are the best part of the fest. There is a lot to look forward to including one thing we love very much, which is the collaborative aspect of the event.

APM: Any great memories from your performance last year?

E: Last year we were joined by Shira Elias of Turkuaz for a cover of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” which was beautiful. Shira brought a great energy to the stage and we loved seeing everyone dancing out there. In addition, the Turkuaz horn section sat in with us on our original “Rare Form”. It was truly a transportive experience and so great to collaborate on one of our own songs with those talented players (Josh Schwarts, Greg Sanderson, and Chris Brouwers)!

APM: Is there anyone else performing that you guys are really excited about seeing yourselves?

E: We’re excited for so many of the acts! We recently had a short tour with JEDI, which featured Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits. Getting to know them better as musicians and people has us particularly looking forward to seeing them with John K. & West Philly Fadeaway, as well as Marc with Star Kitchen.

APM: Will you be sticking around for the whole weekend, throwing some disc golf, hanging out tent-side?

E: We will be hanging out for the whole weekend! Beyond our performance, we love to connect with as many people as possible and to show love to the amazing artists on the bill. Fest life is best life.

APM: You guys are all over the place this festival season! What are you most excited about this year?

E: We are excited for all our upcoming appearances but in all honesty, DJ holds a special place in our hearts. This festival believed in us when we were still a very new band and we are excited to be growing with it.

APM: Do you have any new music releases on the horizon?

E: We sure do! We are currently doing pre-production for our upcoming third album. We will be playing new songs from this forthcoming release at DJ this year! Thanks for having us!

So there you have it.

If you have not already, head on over to the Disc Jam website and take a look at what is in store! Tickets are on sale, so get yours! Don’t wait too long as last year SOLD OUT. If that is any indication of what is in store for us this year, you are going to want to be there. You can get your ticket info right now, right HERE.

See you there, friends!

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Fake Flowers Real Dirt Debuts New Track “Upside Your Head” with New Video and a Whole Lot of Groove

Last year at Disc Jam, we happened to catch the guys in Fake Flowers Real Dirt doing their thing on stage and we have been fans ever since. This Baltimore band has a sound that blends funk, hip-hop, and groovy throwback jam vibes with soul infusions that keep feet tapping and bodies moving. Their stage presence was fantastic. I have to admit that I have been chomping at the bit a little bit for some new music from them. Naturally then I was THRILLED when I was asked to give a listen and a watch to the band’s new politically charged track, “Upside Your Head”.

Right out of the gate, this track is fire. It’s got a solid intensity while still maintaining the wicked groove that Fake Flowers Real Dirt does so well. The vibe is awesome and vocal on this track is killer. Listen to the words because it’s important! This song is speaking a whole lot of truth for our current conditions. It’s my personal opinion (obviously, as is this whole blog) but there are not nearly enough protest songs happening right now, and there should be. This is a scene that loves to brag of it’s roots and it’s social stance and activism, but given the opportunity to take a stand, there is a lot of should shrugging and “no comment” happening. There are a lot of very prominent bands who don’t want to go on record as having an opinion in these charged up and turbulent times. I am absolutely LOVING that Fake Flowers Real Dirt have put their foot down and made their voices heard with this track.

The video that accompanies the debut of this song it’s super fun. It is a mashup of presidents and other politicians that seem to be grooving and syncing to the words. It brings a bit of lighthearted fun to a serious matter, and it’s awesome and very well done. Don’t worry, the video is non-partisan (as much as it can be) but the song has an important message about the state of our union that needs your ear. Trust me when I say your body will be moving the whole time, as this song is outstanding. I am hoping this is not the last we hear from Fake Flowers Real Dirt for a while because if this is a taste of what the band has going on, we are in for a damn good time while we work to make changes.

Check out Upside Your Head for yourself right here: UPSIDE YOUR HEAD

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The Peach Music Festival is back for 2019 – And Sweeter Than Ever! July 25 – 28

Montage Mountain is about to get a whole lot sweeter this coming July with the return of the Peach Music Festival! This year’s lineup is sure to delight the eyes, the ears, and the soul with its blend of jam, funk, and electronic flavors spread over four days and gorgeous Pennsylvanian grounds. Come and get down at The Peach Music Festival  this year, July 25 to July 28 in Scranton, PA!

The big headliners at Peach are usually amazing, and this year didn’t let anyone down. Phil Lesh and Friends, featuring Warren Haynes, John Scofield, and John Molo have the main headlining spot this year. Attendees can also enjoy two sets of the Trey Anastasio Band and three sets of The String Cheese Incident. I mean – seriously! That right there is enough for a mind blowing festival, but Peach is barely getting started with the headliners. Greensky Bluegrass, moe., Lotus, Blues Traveler, Lettuce, Stephen Marley, The Marcus King Band, Aqueous, Fruition, Big Something…I’m not even halfway done and I am salivating just typing this. Peach this year is absolute FIRE with the lineup! This is a seriously funky, jammy, dance your tush off weekend of music with something for everyone.

Montage Mountain itself is absolutely lovely. Right outside the town of Scranton, PA with its fascinating railroad and mining history and gorgeous mountain views, the area creates a dreamy setting for a music festival. The ski area is beautifully green come summer and spread out with enough room for everyone to camp, rock out, and make wonderful new friends. Be aware campers, it is a mountain! The festival suggests packing light with your camping gear as there will be some terrain to cover to get to your campground. It makes that first ice cold beer all the more worth it though once you are settled in. There are several nearby hotel accommodations as well for those who prefer a bed over sleeping under the stars. 

Tickets are rolling out right now for the festival. You can find all the ticket information needed right HERE on the festivals website including passes for camping, glamping, travel packages, and general admission to the festival.

We hope to see you there!

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