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DISC JAM 2019 Press Release - Initial Lineup is FIRE!!!

Disc Jam Music Festival Announces Initial 2019 Lineup

Festival Celebrates 9th year with 4 nights of Music, Camping and Disc Golf

June 6-9, 2019 at Gardner’s Farm in Stephentown, NY
Tickets on sale NOW at

(Stephentown, NY) Disc Jam Music Festival has announced the initial lineup for the 9th annual festival, held at Gardner’s Farm in Stephentown, NY just minutes from the
Massachusetts border. The music-filled weekend will features more than 70 artists,
along with Disc Golf Tournaments, Flow Tribe performances, food and craft vending,
yoga and wellness workshops and much more over the weekend of June 6-9, 2019.

The 2019 Disc Jam Phase 1 music lineup brings the best of national touring acts with
regional favorites from the funk and jam scenes of the Northeast, as well as unique
collaborations and side projects. Headliners include Lotus with Barber of The Disco
Biscuits and Friends, The Floozies, John Kadlecik & The West Philly Fadeaway
performing the music of the Grateful Dead with Marc Brownstein, Aron Magner, Sam
Altman, Mike Greenfield and more, Ripe, Papadosio, Moon Hooch, Ghost Light,
Circles Around the Sun, Pink Talking Fish, Mihali (of Twiddle), Doom Flamingo,
Kung Fu, Lespecial, Ghost-Note, Star Kitchen featuring Marc Brownstein, Jaw
Gems, Soule Monde and Consider the Source, along with Woods Stage nightly
takeovers by Rezinate X Sermon featuring Truth, Thriftworks and The Widdler.
Dozens more names and headlining acts to be announced on phase 2 of the lineup on
April 1, 2019.

“We’ve spent the entire off-season trying to come up with a festival experience that could one-up the magic we conjured last year. I think what we have in store for 2019 will set the bar so high for next year, I’m already getting nervous thinking about how we’ll top this in 2020.” In their 5th consecutive year at Gardner’s Farm, after moving the festival from Central Massachusetts where it began in 2011, Disc Jam has found a venue that feels like home. Scavone shares, “I truly believe that we have been blessed with the perfect festival grounds, beautiful grass beneath our feet, surrounded by rolling hills with picturesque views in all directions.”

Owner and Founder Tony Scavone says of the 9th installment of the festival: “Disc Jam lineups are constantly evolving, and this year we aimed to curate a lineup that has past audiences eager to return, while appealing to first time attendees with a diverse array of artists.” While he is most stoked for performances by Lotus with Barber and Friends, The Floozies and Ripe, Scavone says “I’m most looking forward to that moment the night before gates open where everyone is finally set up and completely ready to have as much fun as they possibly can tomorrow.”

As the name suggests Disc Jam, this 4-day event features the fast growing sport of disc golf and festival grounds features a 27-hole disc golf course on-site. Disc Golf
Tournaments for men and women are held throughout the weekend, with cash and
prizes from Innova Disc Golf going to the top finishers. Playing at least a round is a
must for Disc Jam enthusiasts and the course encourages both the avid and first timer
players to try their hand on the course. The disc golf courses are available to anyone to use all at no additional cost to play (outside of tournaments) with discs provided free of charge for those interested in entering a tournament, a casual round with friends, or learning how to play for the first time. This year’s tournaments will be hosted by 2019 Team Innova touring pro Nikko Locastro.

VIP packages allow fans to attend Disc Jam in style, with options for either hotel or
condo style rooms at the beautiful Jiminy Peak Ski Resort, just 5 minutes from the
venue. On top of the off-site accommodations, the event offers VIP camping areas and a VIP lounge sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company, which includes
complimentary beer for those 21 years or older.

A variety of activities and workshops are a big attraction for Disc Jam, including the Disc Jam Flow Tribe, flow art workshops, daily yoga sessions, interactive music and art installations throughout the festival grounds, plus craft and art vending that make Disc Jam a unique and memorable experience for both new and returning fans.
Listen to the Disc Jam lineup on our Spotify Playlist for 2019!

Disc Jam 2019 Music Festival Initial Lineup

Lotus featuring Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig & Friends • The Floozies

John Kadlecik & The West Philly Fadeaway

(with Marc Brownstein, Aron Magner, Sam Altman, Mike Greenfield and more)
Ripe • Papadosio • Moon Hooch • Ghost Light • Circles Around the Sun
Pink Talking Fish • Mihali (of Twiddle) • Doom Flamingo • Kung Fu • Lespecial x2
Ghost-Note • Star Kitchen featuring Marc Brownstein • Jaw Gems • Soule Monde
Consider the Source • Big Sexy and the Scrambled Eggs • Cypher • Dewpoint
Dynohunter • Escaper • Formula 5 • Funky Dawgz Brass Band
Horizon Wireless • Litz • Of Clocks and Clouds • One Time Weekend
Pine Needle Soul (Mac Miller tribute) • Root Shock • Roots Collider • Space Bacon
Space Carnival • Space Junk is Forever • Strange Machines • The Elovaters

The New Motif • Timbre Coup • Tweed • Wax Future
West End Blend • Wild Adriatic • Wurliday

Rezinate X Sermon Nightly Takeovers • Truth • Thriftworks • The Widdler

With more artists to be announced!!!
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Watch the 2019 Disc Jam Announcement Video

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