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A Perfect Mess 2019 Northeast US Festival Guide - Continuously Updating!

As I stare out the windows of my office into chilly January skies which promise snow any hour now, I am reminded that FESTIVAL SEASON APPROACHES. Yeah, sure…it’s a ways off. We have a bunch of snow to shovel and cold to shiver through but do you know what makes that easier? Thoughts of warm nights, good friends, dancing like no one is watching, cold beer in the koozie, hot summer mornings in your tent, and laughter with those we dig around camp fires.

Festival dates are slowly stacking up solid on the web and A Perfect Mess is here to keep them neatly in one place for you! As we get word of dates and information, we will keep this list running and updated. 

If YOU have dates, please send them over to us so we can keep the list updated and growing. Have a new festival? Want it listed? Want it promoted? Send us the info! Do you want your festival covered by the folks at A Perfect Mess? We can be there! Send us the info!

Scroll down past these sillies for the most current list:

2019 Festival Season Cheat Sheet   Sorted by date  - Northeast     

April 25 - April 28
Some Kind of Jam
Schuylkill Haven, PA
Music, Camping, Workshops

May 16 - May 19
Froggy Daze Music Festival
Narrowsburg, NY
Music, Camping

May 16 - May 18
Camp Jam In the Pines
Hammonton, NJ
Music, Camping             

May 24 – May 27
Elements Music and Arts Festival
Lakewood, PA
Music, Art, Camping

May 24 - May 27
Strange Creek Campout
Greenfield, MA
Music, Camping

May 31 – June 2
Crawfish Fest
Augusta, NJ
Food, Music, Camping

June 6 – June 9
Disc Jam Music and Arts Festival
Stephentown, NY
Music, Disc Golf, Art, Food, Camping

June 13 – June 15
Hammonton, NJ                
Music, Art, Camping

June 13 - June 16
Mountain Jam
Bethel, NY
Music, Camping

July 4 - July 6
Turin, NY
Music, Art, Camping,

July 4 - July 7
Yonderville Music and Arts Festival
Remington, VA
Music, Art, Camping

July 12 - July 14
Levitate Music and Arts Festival
Marshfield, MA
Music, Art, Food, 

July 25 – July 26
Peach Music Festival
Montage Mountain, PA
Music, Camping, Food

July 25 - July 28
3rd Annual Organic Smiles Music Fest
Voluntown, CT
Music, Camping

July 26 - July 28
Newport Folk Festival
Newport, RI
Music, Food

August 16 - August 18
Woodstock 50th Anniversary (Michael Lang)
Watkins Glen, NY
(no website yet - coming soon)

August 16 - 18
Bethel Woods Music and Cultural Festival
Bethel, NY

August 22 - August 25
Arrington, VA
Music, Camping, Food

August 22 - August 24
Night Lights Music Festival
Sherman, NY
Music, Camping, Art


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