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Dance Heavy Funktastic with Pimps of Joytime: Third Wall Chronicles

I love to find something new that I had no idea I would love so much. It's fascinating to me to think that not long ago, I didn't know this music existed and now I don't know how I would go through the rest of life without it. Did you ever ponder that? Maybe it's just me...

I know as an independent music supporter that I am supposed to hate Spotify. That is what I read on Facebook from musician friends and associates of mine. I know I am supposed to hate it, but I can't because it keeps throwing music at me that amazes me. It keeps dishing me music that grows into almost unhealthy obsessions. Mind you, I AM in fact an independent music supporter. I buy albums. I pay my way into shows. I almost always buy merch. (except for you $50 t-shirt bands...too rich for my blood...but I will buy that $2 sticker right there...) I was rocking some Vulfpeck this morning because my job was just eating away at my soul and I needed that groove in a big, bad way. As I occasionally do, I thought I would scroll on down to that "Related Artists" spot to see what was there to discover.

That's how I found the Pimps of Joytime. I won't lie, the name intrigued me so I pulled up their listener profile and poked around at their songs a bit.

Good. Golly.

I was (and presently am) fielding stares from passers by in my office as my desk chair dancing is bordering on inappropriate. This is CRAZY good. You need this in your life, and you need this in your life now. This is something I need to share with the world.

I am thoroughly immersed in their 2017 release, Third Wall Chronicles and positively drowning in sensual groove on songs like Mud (featuring Ivan Neville) that just pull you in and hold you close. Funky guitar and bass with simple clean drums and keys coated with vocals that get right to your core. Then the chorus kicks in with such power it almost takes you by surprise. Move on over to the track Little Bit of Something and feel the swagger of that early 70's AM gold with a real slight feather touch of something tropical. It's soulful and smooth with a real classic groove feel. I am enamored with the vocals on this record.

On to Jack Stackin', a chugging and funky track infused with attitude and style. It's an impromptu dance party stuck in traffic on a hot summer night. This is a song that makes it positively impossible to sit still. If you are listening to this and are not shaking your lower regions, I don't think we can hang. This song is sexy as hell. There are so many artists trying to pull off this sound and not even coming close to the Pimps of Joytime.

Needing to know more, I asked my friend Google about them and was directed to their website where I learned that they are based out of not-too-far from me Brooklyn, NY. That makes sense to me because their sound has that groove of streetlights, late night parties, and car horns. That feel of "I'm having too much fun and I don't want to go home yet". You know what I mean? I can't remember the last time listening to an album was this much fun. The whole record is clean and funky laced with body moving bass lines and soulful vocals that I want to know all the words to right now so I can sing along.

The band is made up of Brian J (vocals and guitar), Mayteana Morales (vocals and percussion), Kimberly Dawson (vocals), David Bailis (bass and keys) and John Staten (drums). I don't know what kind of divine intervention it was that these folks found one another, but the result is an explosive brand of soul-funk-dancegasms that have me hunting for the next somewhat local show so I can shake it and shake it hard.

What I think I like the most about this record is that the songs are inventive and each one is it's own party. They go from straight funk to soul to electronic dance and then back again without breaking stride at all. This album is the soundtrack to the greatest night ever. That night you need to shake off all the stresses of your life by way of the dance floor. Grab something at the bar and wind your way through the crowd to your own space and just lose yourself in the groove. This is that album. That is this group of musicians. If you could be addicted to a sound, this is it.

Essential Listening:

Neara to Your Fire: Sexy and body shaking groove laced with just enough electronica and infectious vocals that you cannot help but sing along with as you dance. This song will inevitably lead to dirty talking and possible horizontal boogaloos between consenting adults. And that's great!

Little Bit of Something: As I said above, it comes in with a feather light tropical, maybe almost rocksteady guitar feel but it's something else entirely and pretty soon it pulls you inside itself with vocals that stroke your soul. This song is just gorgeous and flowing.

Jack Stackin: No, seriously, I am completely obsessed with this song. This will shake you out of any attitude you might have. That or it will just infuse you with the swagger to turn that attitude into dance floor groove. If I had a soundtrack when I walked down the street, I would want it to be this song but I know I am nowhere near cool enough to pull that off.

Pimps of Joytime have a whole mess of tour dates coming up including Summer Camp, if you are lucky enough to be headed there this year (so jealous if you are). Take a peep here and find the one closest to you. Then put on your sassiest ensemble, get out there and dance. Be prepared to be floored. Be prepared to sweat.


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