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THE UNIVERSE IS A DONUT - A First Time Phish Experience

Last night, I went and saw Phish.
This is not going to be a real long and drawn out description from top to bottom because I have looked and those already exist all over the damn place. This is a straight truth piece about what happens when the outsider gets inside.

Listen, I am losing punk rock points with every stroke of the keyboard on this article and I can already feel the side-eye from a lot of people I know in the ska scene. Before you all write me off as some lost cause or scene casualty or worse - not a true fan of either genre - let's actually talk about what it is to be a part of a Phish show. This will require you to remove your know-it-all hat and "I only listen to ___" glasses and actually, for a moment, trust that I have something of substance to say on this subject.

I shared the exact same video you did on Facebook. You know the one, the "This is what Phish sounds like to people who don't like Phish" video. And it was funny! It's still …

Wig Party and Bee: Gearing up for the Bakers Dozen Pre-Show - American Beauty July 30th

I'm new to the whole Phish thing. At no point in time did I ever think I would be headed to a Phish show during the Baker's Dozen run at Madison Square Garden. I was that person who made fun of Phish fans. Then I married into the jam scene and my world completely changed. It was gradual. My readers have been beaten over the head with the concept on more than one occasion but to me, honestly is key. I can't write honesty about music unless I tell you honestly how I came to find it. In this case, I had to have my music mind shaken upside down for a few years.
Father's Day this year, I surprised my Phish Head husband with tickets. I had asked him, could he see any show during the run, which would he want to see? July 30th, he says. "Its a Sunday. You NEVER miss a Sunday Phish show." I still don't know what this means, but people keep saying it to me. I look forward to finding out. In addition, he wanted to check out the pre-party happening that day at Ameri…

The Truth Behind The Vibe - A Backstage Salutation with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

I have a tendency to just just completely immerse myself in music that makes me feel. When I come across a sound that has pulled these varieties of feelings out of me, I just want to bathe myself in it until it has made its way into every pore in my body. When I started listening to Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad a few months back, that is exactly what happened. I was so struck by the vibe in their sound. It's not typical. It doesn't feel faked. It's not brooding or overly positive either. It's just hopeful. I was borderline obsessed with how it made me feel. I wrote about it.

Of course, then I start wondering how legit that sound is. There are more than a handful of bands peddling a positive sound that is completely artificial. I have fallen for it only to discover upon meeting the artist behind it that it's an act. As much as I get that concept, when it happens, I feel taken advantage of. The world right now is tumultuous and unsteady. Music is what some of us …